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Im new to solid 3d modeling. How long will it take me to learn RBT?

If your new to 3d modeling, RBT is the perfect "jump start". The only requirement is to have a 2d roof drawn before starting. We have provided a quick tutorial and extensive help file to get you going quickly. After 20 minites of easy reading you'll be on your way.

Is there technical support on this product?

Yes. If you ever have a question email us anytime. Usually we respond in less than a day with your answer. Try us out!

Are there any limitations as to how complex my roof can be?

Your roof can be a complex as you need it to be. The basic rule of thumb is: If you can draw your 2d roof plan then you can also model it in 3d.

Which Version does RBT run in?

All versions! And a special version (ARX) for AutoCAD 14 is available as well.

When does the trial expire?

RBT will run for a full 30 days. The 30 day trial is a full version with all features enabled.

What happens after my 30 days are up?

If you are convinced RBT can save you time then register it for only $49.95 But if RBT is not for you, simply use our uninstaller to remove all unwanted files.

Where can I purchase RBT?

You can either purchase online or by calling the RegNow number provided in the help file. You can pay by credit card, check or even fax in a purchase order.

Have a question? Send us an email.

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